The Fifth Annual Disney Institute Animation Event
Drawn To Be Bad
August 18-23, 2002


Program Introduction

For the second year, the introduction to the animation event was provided by Roy Disney. The introduction discusses the growth and changes in Disney Feature Animation over the years, providing a brief history of the Disney Animation.

Roy Disney Introduction to the 5th Annual Disney Institute Animation Event by Roy Disney.

Nightly Celebrity Introductions

At each evenings presentation, the guests were greeted by a different celebrity (courtesy of our host, Jeff Kurtti).

Angela Lansbury Introduction by Angela Landsbury (Mrs. Potts from Beauty & The Beast)
Paige O'Hara Introduction by Paige O'Hara (Belle from Beauty & The Beast)
Robby Benson Introduction by Robby Benson (Beast from Beauty & The Beast)
Wayne Allwine & Russi Taylor Introduction By Wayne Allwine (Mickey) & Russi Taylor (Minnie)

Program Highlights

Highlights The "happy face" video produced by Mike McLean and the Disney Institute staff. Provides a brief glimpse of what the program is all about.


Animation (Long Form)

Animation (Short Form)

The animation produced by the guests of the event.

The assignment was to animate 10 seconds of a character interacting with an apple-- the evil poisoned apple from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

The CGI opening sequence was animated by two students at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, and the opening and closing apple bounces were animated by the instructors.

Candice Coleman's "Out There"

Candice Coleman Candice Coleman's "Out There" segment on the Disney Institute Animation Event, shown on WKMG-TV6 Orlando.

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