The Fourth Annual Disney Institute Animation Event
 Unlock The Secrets Of Atlantis
July 24-29, 2001

You did it!

Thanks to all of your hard work and dedication, The 4th Annual Disney Institute Animation Program is on! This year is shaping up to be the best year ever, thanks to Lock and Phil and the other members of the Disney Institute staff.

To find out more about the event this year, click on the banner ad above, or select PDFs in the menu bar to view the information that has been provided by the Institute to date.

The program this year will be themed around the upcoming Disney feature animation release Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

To view the currently released trailers and commercials for Atlantis: The Lost Empire, select VIDEO from the menu bar.

We Still Need
Your Help!

We were able to save the event because we worked together, now we need to work together to make the event a success!

Helping Others

The alumni of the Disney Institute Animation Programs have the opportunity to learn even more from the Disney instructors and staff, but we also have the opportunity to mentor the people who have not been through the program before.

I am currently getting quotes for pocket t-shirts (similar to the ones given out at the Mulan Animation Experience program) or polo shirts that will identify the program alumni to the other guests. The shirts will cost between $15 and $25, and can be ordered before the program.

My current idea for the design of the shirts is posted here. If you have any additional input, please feel free to contact me at JimRyan@I-Animate.Org.